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This can either be super cute or pretty hardcore. Our new release is the Winter Overall Dress. 100% mesh. Comes in a range of colours and sizes. Here i made it a lil hardcore with some torn gear from Sheer [love this shop]. I am thinking about starting to write style cards for these because a few of you have contacted me in world, but right now it is wayyyy to late for my brain to work. I will update with one later and a picture to show you how this dress can be cute and girly too. Also the store is practically DONE mmhmm DONE so make sure you leap on down and check it out. It’s a peep inside my crazy mind i guess and i borrowed a few cray cray ideas from my friend Dollie[couldn’t of done it without her].


♥ muchly Xx


Atteeeeeeeeeention! Well busy few days i’ve had. I host at a massive club in SL and we had a G.I Joe’s event which inspired me to make this cute little Camo Skirt [I have also bought out in a plain cotton range] Check out the demo on the Marketplace. If you want a style card for the rest of this outfit just leave me a comment and i will be more then happy to share:)




So we have a new release that should be up on the Marketplace within the hour… The Doll is a limited edition of the Regina Dress. Inspired and made for someone close to my heart this mesh dress is as beautiful as the inspiration. Will be in many pastel colors. I hope you have as much fun with your Doll as i have with mine.

I’m soooooooooooo excited! We are almost done with the store. Figured i’d let you guys have a little sneak peak into the way our minds tick.

We’ll make a giant announcement when the store open [seriously i’ll scream it across sims] so you all don’t miss out on the fun and free goodies we have planned!


Soo.. This is my first blog ever, Evvvveerrrr.

This blog is dedicated to showing all of you whats hip and happening with Quirks. I will be posting pics of new outfits, maybe even things i’m working on.

On another note, I have had a massive day [i mean maaaassive]. Have been trying to organise my in world store for weeks now but haven’t quiet found the niche i wanted. Well that was until TODAY! My amazing friend Dollie reminded me that Quirks is about being unique and different, so why couldn’t i have a store that was crazy weird like no one else. She was soooo right. We worked so hard to make Quirks a destination to remember and it is AMAZING [if i dun say so myself].

Spoiler Alert : You can chill on a strawberry or hangout while you drink tea and play scrabble

Hopefully i will have it all up and running soon. Fingers-crossed!

Anyway when i get most of it done i will post pictures of its awesomeness!

Until then stay Quirky..

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